Meisour Global Solutions

Help Busniesses Create an IT Strategy That Meets its Technical Requirements and Support their Busniess Goals

Our Services


We provide proper consulting to small, medium or large-scale organization and offer insights that can transform their business.


Our Implementation Services ensures that our implementation is supported with a professional and experienced team.


We identify your business perspective for choosing the right technology in designing and deploying the solution, following all standards of the software development life-cycle.


We top up your skills and empower your learning with our Training programs. Our qualified software trainers take you through interactive training sessions enabling you to get the most out of our solutions.

Data Migration

Moving from an old system to a new system requires a lot of expertise. We provide a special team that takes care of each step of migration

Support & Maintenance

Our Support and Maintenance Services enables you to raise your business and develop a competitive advantage over your rivals, backed by unmatched investment in service and product enhancements.

Our Offers

Ready Partner

$149 .00

/ month
  • Basic core apps for up to 3 users
  • Get access to base modules
  • Daily Backup (every 8 hours)
  • No customization
  • Training up to 3 users
  • Support (24 hours/month)

Silver Partner

$   299   .00

/ month
  • Complete CRM for any size team
  • Get access to all modules
  • Daily Backup (Auto Backup)
  • Limited customization
  • Training up to 5 users
  • Support (50 house/month)

Gold Partner

$ 499 .00

/ month
  • Unlimited CRM power and support
  • Get access to all modules and features
  • Daily Backup (Auto Backup)
  • Unlimited customization
  • Training up to 15 users
  • 24x7 toll-free support

Why choose us?

  • To create, build and maintain the most innovative, reliable and cost-effective IT Solution.

  • To provide you and IT solution that will meet both market and customers' growing needs through the rapid deployment of advanced technology.

  • To give you a team of professional and export to understand your business requirement and bring you idea to actualization.